Getting things started

First and foremost, this is my first (and only) blog that I have ever attempted to do. Being a mechanical engineer blogging has never been something I thought I would find myself doing and writing in this style isn’t something that comes naturally to me. Yet, here we are…

Over the past couple of years I have been on a spiritual journey of sorts. I grew up in a conservative Christian home, I went to a Christian university for my undergraduate studies, and was surrounded by Christian role models and friends. While growing up I developed a strong, certain faith in God and in Jesus. If you needed answers, I had them. I was that guy. However, once I entered the university setting my beliefs were challenged and my certainties slowly etched away, culminating my senior year when the sculpture, that was my faith, fell off the pedestal I had placed it on and completely shattered. Thus began my journey of uncertainty.

Now beginning the second year of my graduate studies, I have been wading through the murky waters of having no answers, having no clue who or what “God” even is, having a difficult time pointing out a single thing to be certain of. Initially it felt as though the world fell out from underneath me but over time I have come to enjoy living in a world of uncertainty where I am not expected to have any of the answers. Statements such as “uncertainly certain of uncertainty” no longer bother me but rather comfort me.

So, back to this blog. I am certain (or uncertainly certain?) that bits and pieces of my story will crop up throughout different things I write. However, that is not the purpose or goal of this blog. Here is a short list of what I hope this blog can be:

  1. The start of good, constructive, and informative conversations.
  2. A place where I can voice my thoughts, struggles, and opinions without the fear of being called a heretic or being berated for my views.
  3. A place where people reading can feel that they are not alone in their doubts and uncertainty.
  4. Finally, I desire to be able to write at least a few words of encouragement and hope for whoever may need them.

I could go on and on with this list and it will most likely change and grow as time moves forward but for now I think it describes my hopes well enough. I have not yet decided the frequency or length of these blogs, so I apologize that it may be quite random. Additionally, I am by no means an expert in writing so any and all constructive criticism or advice would be greatly appreciated.


I am excited to get going on this and I hope whoever finds themselves reading it will enjoy it as well.

Thanks for reading!


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