The perfect morning

9:00 am.

Empty gym.

Worn basketball.

Well used pair of basketball shoes.

And no where else to be except there.

For me there is just something special about being the only one in the gym. The only noise is the sound reverberating from the bounce of my basketball. Distraction only exists within my own mind. Worry, fear, anxiety, pressure, and expectation slowly fade with each cross-over, with each jump-shot, each Dream-shake and euro-step.

This is my place of solace.

My place to stop

To stop thinking.

And simply be exactly where I am at.

This is a place, I believe, we all need. It looks different for everyone but we need a place to rest our minds, recharge our energy stores, to get back in rhythm with ourselves.

Jesus withdrew to a quiet place.

In our culture of success and achievement taking time to be “unproductive” is written off as laziness. We should be working on that next product, emailing that customer, negotiating with that contractor.

But there is something about that quiet place that our souls cry out for. There is a holiness to the silence.

For me, the wood flooring is hallowed ground. The squeak of my sneakers, a joyful noise. The divine is found in the whisper, the stillness of our minds.

Take a moment and let yourself become aware of the that which is all around, the depth of our human experience, the essence of being.



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