Neuronal humanity

I want to pose a thought experiment.

This thought experiment is not meant to be scientific but rather as a way to expand and challenge the way in which we see the world and our role as humans in it.

Neuronal humanity = an understanding of humanity through the function of neurons in the brain.

On average, the human brain has around 100 billion neurons. These neurons have the ability to communicate via electrochemical signaling. The interface consists of connections of axon terminals to dendrites. If the sum of inputs to a single neuron exceeds a certain threshold an electrical signal will be sent through the axon to additional neurons. These connections define a linear pathway or a neuronal pathway.

Through the billions of neuronal pathways in the brain we, as humans, are capable of learning, understanding, developing, problem-solving.


So, here’s the experiment.

Try to imagine humanity in a similar fashion. Each human has the capability to receive information from corresponding humans that they interact with via interpersonal communication, television, texting, or what have you. This exchange of energy is in the form of sound waves propagating through air or electromagnetic waves propagating through space (as opposed to the electrical energy transfers of neuronal communication).  Depending on the nature of those “signals” they may or may not be passed on (we each have our own threshold). In this way humanity as a whole communicates information over thousands of miles and even thousands of years.

In mass, the billions of neurons and billions of neural pathways create something so much greater than the individual. In relationship their true potential and complexity is recognized, it is seen in its fullness.

As humans interacting with each other, what is the “fullness” that we could achieve through relationship?

Through the exchange of energy, what consciousness do we bring about?

We have seen the cognitive disasters that can befall a human when damage is inflicted upon even small parts of the brain. Why do we allow destruction of any one part of our collective humanity when they may very well be involved in human pathways, performing functions that we have yet to even understand?

Indeed humanity has created organizations that are not only controversial but flat out destructive (certain educational systems and religious organizations may fall into this category).


Neural plasticity is the ability of the brain to reorganize itself and to create new neural connections that may have never existed before. As a human collective, we also hold this power.

Pernicious tendencies of the past do not have to continue.

We have the ability to form new connections.

Start new relationships.

Transfer positive “energy” to those in our “neural pathway.”

Whether it is introducing yourself to a co-worker in your office, having a conversation with a homeless person on the street, or traveling to a new country and expanding your knowledge of the diversity in this world…

…we have the divine qualification to create pathways between each other that have never existed before.

What human consciousness will emerge when we do?

Now that…

is a thought…

…and perhaps an experiment…

worth trying.



One thought on “Neuronal humanity

  1. Oh, humanity been trying to connect for quite some time. Religion is a perfect example of that. Religion is also a perfect example of how those attempts can go horribly, horribly wrong; placing gargantuan impediments in the path of human progress.

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