I believe…

At different times in our lives the way in which we see the world will change. What I believed in high school is not what I believed in college and what I held to be true in college is not what I hold to be truth now. I have come to recognize that a healthy faith is one that can respond to challenges and new observations with the humility to change. It often has not been easy, but with each new development in my own belief system I strongly feel that I have moved closer to a life of love, grace, mercy, and peace.

I think it is important to periodically do a self-check-in, to take a moment and evaluate the way in which you view the world. Have the humility to change, the openness to learn about others beliefs, and have the courage to admit that you’ve been wrong.

What I am about to write may be something that I feel differently about in the future but I’m okay with that possibility.

This morning, here is what I believe:

I believe that the word “God” is the language we use to describe the depth and the ground of all being. I believe that this “thing” is at LEAST the set of natural forces that have served to bring into existence all that we observe. I believe that connecting with and experiencing the depth of human relationship is one of the, if not the best, ways to understand the “personality” of this creative force of the universe.

I believe that grace, mercy, peace, love, and faith are essential to experience life and its profound nature that can only be described as “divine”. I believe that we have the opportunity to tap into this flow of life, this divine dance, and learn how to fully engage with the present moment. I believe that this moment is as perfect as it will ever be and I have the privilege to experience and participate in it.

I believe that we all have the chance to participate in the ongoing creation of the world through the lives we live and that that is a sacred truth.

I believe that Jesus came in his full humanity to lead us into ours. I believe that he had the courage and audacity to see the divine in the mundane, to see that this physical place we inhabit is the blessed place where the divine and the human meet.

I believe in the mystery of the faith, that Christ died, Christ rose, and Christ is coming again. I believe this is a process that we experience every day, death and resurrection are a fundamental truth and reality of the world we live in. I believe the Cosmic Christ was manifest in the life of Jesus the Christ and that this “Christ” is something that has existed always and is offered to all.

I believe the Bible is a collection of stories written by real people, in the context of their time, about their own experiences of God and simply reflects the manner in which they understood God at that time.

I believe dualistic thought is a trap we often get caught up in and is directly challenged by the teachings of Jesus, the theology of the Trinity, and even by modern ideas of quantum mechanics.

I believe that there is hope and goodness permeating all of space, all we lack is an awareness of this reality, an awareness of God in all things, around all things, and through all things.



Grace and Mercy. Peace and Love.


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