Rare thought on the rapture

If you read my last post on changing the way we understand “eternal” life, this post can be seen as a bit of a continuation on the topic. However, now I want to discuss the idea of rapture.

The rapture can be thought of as the end of a long journey of self-cultivation, where one arrives at an entirely new place that nonetheless feels completely familiar; you might even call that place the Kingdom of Heaven or enlightenment or simply a higher state of being.

With this understanding, one could be raptured more than once. It is a continuous process of life, death, and resurrection but it requires a certain mode of awareness. And like the thief in the night, you don’t really see it coming or control it; you may just wake up one day and realize something has changed. Like the thief in the night, you don’t know the exact time or even how it happened perhaps, but when the darkness turns to light, night to day, you know that the way you view the world will never be the same.

The world is a new creation.

You are a new creation.

There is a certain new found harmony with the world and with yourself. There is a sense of peace that may not reflect the world around you but you feel it nonetheless.

This peace may only come in short bursts at first. But enjoy it and savor it whenever you can. We often want our lives to change in an instant, to be full of life, love, and peace once we find the magic formula.

But life is a journey.

It is chaotic.

It comes in waves.

Yet, when the blessing of peace fills your soul for even instant, hold on to that feeling.

Don’t turn it into an idol and fixate on it.

Don’t let your life be consumed by trying to achieve that same feeling again.

Just enjoy it. Understand it. And keep living your life from a place of gratitude for being given the undeserved opportunity of life in this world. When you realize that you have been raptured to a new state of being, be thankful.

And may the continual pursuit of grace and mercy lead us all to a place of peace and love.



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