In its purest form

Murdering a man for the sins of many doesn’t seem like justice. 

Yet, one man taking on the punishment owed to many others is grace in its purest form. 

Love in its purest form. 

Christ in its purest form. 

God in its purest form. 

To have faith in Jesus is to have faith that even when the punishment is death, love is the only way forward, love is the purest action, the purest motive, Christ in action, the manisfestion of God. 

This is the leap, the jump in consciousness that Jesus brought forth for humanity and is that which we are still struggling to find. 

Redemptive violence is too tempting. 

Too easy. 

Too easily excused with the word “justice.”

But while there exists someone who will choose to take advantage of another’s grace, we will continue to crucify Christ. 

We will justify our violence. 

Yet, the only justification we need, we have always had. 

Through grace we have been justified. 

Through grace we are granted our innocence. 

Through grace and mercy love will emerge, the myth of redemptive violence will be dismissed for the lie that it is and peace will be its successor. 

In its purest form:

Grace and Mercy. Love and Peace. 


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